Sunday, November 20, 2011

The God of Sinners

One of the existential questions that even psychology or psychiatry cannot adequately answer is this: "Why I was born in the first place?" The has struggled with this question throughout his life until not long ago when the answer came to him through largely unexpected events. The booklet, The God of Sinners, answers this question with an insight often unnoticed in Christian literature.

The work also explores the consoling depth of God's commitment of love to mankind despite their many faults, not to mention the many evils that their actions bring to mankind.
This is the first title under the Aflame with Love series, which provide writings and sharing of experiences aflame with the love of God.
After reading this work, you will learn to understand why God forgives so boundlessly. You will learn the way of forgiveness as a way of loving others. You will discover ways how to become God's forgiving hand in this unforgiving world.
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