Monday, October 25, 2010

The Trickster's Guide to TEST-TAKING

A written examination is a complex situation when you are facing questions you have not covered in your private review, if ever you have even done one. More complex still, if you have ambitioned making it to the top but still missed on certain details on the subject at question that unfortunately came out in the set of questions before you. The issue is about passing the written examination. If you have been down in your previous periodical results, passing the question before might mean not having to reenrol on the same subject in the next year or the next semester. If you are taking a licensure examination, you might as well doubt your chances of becoming a professional.

The fact is, no matter how ardently you have studied for a written examination, there always those subject details that will not stick into your head. Another fact is, based on experiences among students and professional test-takers, many test writers unfortunately like to choose questions you least expected to come by in the evaluation test.

So there is a very strong need to learn how to get the highest chance of choosing the correct answers among four to five answer options. For studious test-takers, at least it will elevate their test results. For the borderline students, at least it will help them pass the subject for good.

The Trickster's Guide Series was published by MorningSun Publishing to help test-takers--students, would-be professionals, and even promotion-aimers--improve their marks in qualifying written examinations both in school, in the workplace, or even in licensing government agencies. 

After reading this book, you will learn practical techniques in sifting through unfamiliar answer options in different test types such as multiple choice, matching, essay, etc.

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