Thursday, March 24, 2011

Got 2 Go!

Having courted death many times in his life, the author shares how to look at life and death in the truth of what these really are. It answers certain painful questions, such as Why was I born after all in this world?, with insights that had never been written before.

The book proposed a down-to-earth look at life that provides a more convincing meaning of its purpose for existence, fully consistent with the teachings of Christianity about death. It provides a fresher insight into the meaning of life and death. And shares some guidelines on how to prepare for its coming peacefully as well as invites others to look at death as a celebration instead of a loss. 

Got 2 Go! My Call Just Came In is a very readable and entertaining piece of work that makes death as something to welcome for instead of an event to dread about. It is written for those who want to gain a fresher perspective on life and death, and how our struggles in life attain deeper and more convincing meaning. It also answers important questions that may have haunted the readers for long, and not getting the answers.

Suggested Retail Price: PHP165.80 USD3.68 EUR2.76

Now available at the Charismatic Book Ministry, basement floor of Sto. Rosario Parish Church in P. del Rosario Street, Cebu City; and the Catholic Trade Center, ground floor of the University of San Carlos, Main Campus, along Pelaez Street, Cebu City.

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  1. Bai Zim, is this your first book written Bai?Congratulations Bai!Mo-order lang pod ko Bai so that I will be part of history the first person to buy this book. God Bless you Bai!

  2. Salamat, Bai. Just email me at on how many copies you want to order, and when you want to get it.

  3. By the way, it is not my first book. My first was Great Thoughts from the Movies. I also have at least five booklets already. But it my first full-length book on a spiritual subject.