Friday, September 24, 2010

Best Years

The sight of old couples still holding hands while walking together fascinates me without bounds. Their age is a living testimony of a love that survived the test of time and is as beautiful as ever and wiser than ever before. The sight of those crinkled and calloused skin tells of the many trials and hurdles they have overcame together, of the many joyful moments that kept them going despite everything they faced in life.

Many times love becomes more beautiful when you look at it from the perspective of age. The years you shared with your spouse--the good things and bad; the richer times and the poorer--and till death do both you part as your hands hold each others', now wrinkling with age, its youth spent in union with each other. Such is the beauty of married life that needs celebrating.

Best Years: Over 100 Great Thoughts that Celebrate Marriage [(c) 2010] is written just to do that--help celebrate with you the beauty of conjugal love as you and your spouse walk together as years go by. It contains select sayings from insightful writers in history that can help you appreciate more your marriage and your spouse for that very part of life that he or she spent with you.

From the Publisher: It is a Great Thoughts Series Pamphlet No. 4, published by MorningSun Publishing to provide some meaningful way of learning from great thinkers of history in such a format that can be carried with you in your pocket for reference anytime, anywhere.

This present pamphlet is intended for married people who want to celebrate the little and the many gifts they have given to and received from each other for all their years together as couples; who wants to find fresher perspective on their marriage; who wants to correct some common myths in marriage that may have shackled the growth of their relationship foryears, or who simply wants to share the joy and more exciting anticipations for what are still in store for them together. It can also be for those contemplating marriage and want to have an advanced look into what can be expected once there.  

Availability: This work is available only in the province of Cebu, Philippines at the Catholic Trade Center, University of San Carlos-Main Campus, P. del Rosario Street, Cebu City; the Charismatic Book Ministry Center, Basement Floor, Santo Rosario Church, P. del Rosario Street, Cebu City, and; Shrine of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Parish Office, Ward III, Minglanilla, Cebu.

Suggested Retail Price: PHP45.45 USD1.25 EUR1.00

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